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Perfectly fitting and flattering Mother of the Bride & Groom garments.Mother of Bride Dresses Melbourne VIC

The Mother of the Bride or Groom is not forgotten at d'Italia. We love our Mums!

In stock is a range of beautiful Italian silks, French laces & beadings perfect form Mother of the bride dressess.

With 13 dressmakers on hand and you are assured a flattering custom designed and made garment.

We understand more than anyone how important it is for mothers of the bride or groom to find an outfit that is special and appropriate for "the big day" - an event where the mother is a focus point in the bridal party for many sentimental reasons...

Many a mother has stumbled in our doors in a state of sheer frustration, completely overwhelmed by the lack of suitable ready-made garments available in stores. A small number of "Mother of the Bride" shops exist, but sadly they only tend to cater for the proverbial frumpy, dowdy, or stately motherly look. Furthermore, not only is there a lack of suitable styles, but it is virtually impossible to get an exact and flattering fit off-the-rack.

What is indeed "appropriate" is often a confusing, tricky and understandably stressful issue for mothers, as they are not a mere guest at a wedding...they are in fact an important member of the bridal party, and as such must look the part - without any chance of a dreaded fau-pax whereby they may detract attention from the bride.

Having come to us, within minutes of discussing the formality of the wedding and their personal tastes and preferences, a majority of mothers are pleasantly relieved to realise that we can design and create them a unique, perfectly appropriate, stylish, elegant and flattering outfit - with no stress, and no guess-work - to ensure they will feel supremely confident on a day which is just as much theirs as it is their child's.

We stock a delightful range of semi-formal to very formal Italian silks, French laces and beadings, in an impressive range of colours and styles. With a combination of these fabrics, our many years' experience in all areas of bridal fashion and our free in-house design and styling service, we will guide you in the right direction to ensure you present appropriately. Your look will be stylish and elegant, your garment designed and fitted to your body shape perfectly - all these factors are the key to flattering you to your utmost, no matter what your body shape. We know all the tricks...!

Having never found themselves in this position before, it is common for mothers to leave their outfits to the eleventh hour - with only weeks or a couple of months to go, they find themselves at a loss. That is until they come in to see us, of course! It is with this said that we encourage mothers to start early (at least 8 months before the wedding) in their search for ready-made garments, so that by the time they realise that their best option is to have theirs custom-made there is still sufficient time to be able to secure a booking with one of our seamstresses or tailors. Our team of seven seamstresses and tailors are often heavily booked at least eight months ahead, due to customers securing early up-front reservations. Bookings are taken for the month in which the outfit must be completed, whereas when your work is actually started is up to you.

d'Italia is renowned in the bridal industry for the creation of superb wedding dresses and gowns, bridesmaid and flowergirl dresses, and mother of the bride or groom outfits.

We very much look forward to meeting you to assist in the creation of a perfect outfit - one which will be appropriate, stylish, elegant and unique for you, the bridal mother...

Visit the website:  www.motherofthebridedress.com.au and phone 03 9509 4633

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